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Thursday, December 27, 2007


After much consideration and adoration of others sites and blogs, I have decided that I want one, too!!! Here I will add a few pictures of projects that I have completed, and Works-In-Progress (WIP). I hope you enjoy my blog, visit often and post even more often (is that possible?).


Kimberly said...

Very nice

BarbMc said...

Thank you darlin'...there's more since you saw it last.

If you have any ideas for content, or suggestions of whatever pulleeze let me know.
Also, if you have anything that I have made - knit, sewn or ??? please let me know when I can come take pictures to post here...or you could take pix of you, Arianna and Dominique in your hats and scarves. Also a picture of the tote bag that Arianna put the jewels on would be nice.

Anonymous said...

Very nice and interesting. Do spell check if possible. Think you mentioned you'd like to do something in "read" just in time for Valentine's Day. Maybe it was intentional? Don't mind me...forever the "teacher". I love it. Will check back often.

LadyWhoSews said...
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