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Thursday, December 27, 2007

OOPS!!! I forgot - updated twice for your enjoyment

Although they look like the others, these have an iridescent "glitter" thoughout, as well as the scarf and beret.

It's rated #5 "Bulky", Size 8 US knitting needles, and 15 sts x 22 rows gives you
a 4"x4" swatch. Not bad for immediate action, right?

Update 01/07/8: Well, here's my update with the instructions for the beret. I had no idea that the clarity would be close to nill when I uploaded the scanned instructions to this post. It's horrible. If you care to have a copy, I will be more than happy to send it if you email me (ladywhosews@gmail.com) so that I can give you my address where you can send a SASE. If you can to you can send me a pattern or two also. I will take the instructions to Office Depot or such, and enlarge it on their copier. My "view" of the scan before I uploaded it was legible. If that doesn't work well I will go on and type it out...wish me luck with that because it is in very small print (figures) and grey vs. black!!!

Here's the pattern for the Beret, which I love because it's done on circular needles. And of course, wouldn't you know it, I forgot the info regarding the guage and needle size(s)...or well...let me see if I can get my hand on it right now...yep here we go:

Bernat Beret Pattern
Cast on 82 sts/ Work 4 rows in (K2, P2 ribbing, inc 3 sts evenly across last row, 85 sts.

Proceed as follows:

1st row: (RS). Knit,
2nd and alt rows: Purl,
3rd row: K1 (M1, K14) 6 times, 91 sts.
5th Row: K1, (m2, k15) 6 times, 97 sts.
7th Row: K1 (M1, k16) 6 times, 103 sts.
Cont in this manner, Inc 6 sts as before on every alt row until there are 115 sts.
Work 4 rows even in stockinet st.

Next row: K1 (K2tog, k17) 6 times, 109 sts.
Next and every alt row: Purl
Next row: K1 (K2tog, k16) 6 times, 103 sts.
Next row: K1,(K2tog, K15) 6 times, 97 sts.

Cont in this manner, dec 6 sts as before on every alt row to 31 sts.
Purl 1 row
Next row: K1 (k2tog, k3) 6 times, 26 sts.

Break yarn leaving a long end. Thread yarn through rem sts. Draw up tightly and fasten securely. Sew back seam. Also, from tips I found on the net you would leave enough to pull through a double strand of your yard. This is to make it more secure.

Note: This pattern is from the label for the I yarn used in the Grey Beret that I made for my brother MyBubbaMan, I don't have a picture of the 2 I made him, but the scarf is pictured above. I left out part of the instructions for mitts whose knitting instructions are also on the label. Also, from tips I found on the net you would leave enough to pull through a double strand of your yard. This is to make it more secure.

If you decide to knit one yourself, please send me pix as you are progressing pix of the finished beret.

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