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Friday, December 28, 2007

So Excited!!!

I didn't get much sleep last night...hmmm...maybe 4 hours!!! I am too excited about this new blog of mine that I had to get up and post more pics. This grey heather scarf made from Red Heart Super Saver # 0400 (No Dye Lot - I like that).

I generally take my knitting with me to work and knit on the express bus to and from the "park and ride" lot. After a hard and stressful day I saw that the needle had wandered off to places unknown. I suppose it's in "Lost and Found" for METRO!!!

The scarf is for "MyBubbaMan" - one of my dear brothers. He lives in Oakland Calif, and while I was there for Thanksgiving I had made him a Beret from the same yarn. The Beret was a little small so I made another a little larger -yep using that same pattern for the other Berets. I asked him if he wanted a scarf to match - he said, "No, it doesn't get cold enough to wear a scarf"...I said to myself, "Yeah, right...he'll be eating his words". Well, lo and behold after talking to him just a few days after that, I asked if he thought it was cold enough for a scarf. He replied, "H*LL YEAH"....I smiled...he only asked that I make it so that the "holes aren't so big". Gotta love him.

I used a reversible pattern which is a multiple of 4 sts, p1 k3 on each row. You actually purl the first stitch on each row rather than slipping it onto the needle. It makes a nicer edge than usual.

I think it's a classy "quasi-rib"...I'm using it for most of the scarves now. I need to try it on the beret to see how it works with the increases and decreases in the instructions. For some reason it's showing up brownish...maybe I should have taken the pictures in natural light instead at night under a fluorescent light.

Here a couple of slippers I made for my cousin and her husband.
I've had them probably for 2 years (the gold ones anyway), and
made the other dark variegated pair a couple of weeks ago.

They got married after finding each other again after quite a few years.
They eloped and went to Las Vegas and got married on 07/07/07...Isn't
that romantic? He's a well-established artist based out of Chicago,
I really like a lot of his work. Take a look for yourself:

Click here >>> DALUSHAKA

1 comment:

MyBubbaMan said...

yea just came from Denver and forgot how cold it is but yes!!! I had my hat and scarf from my sister!! Certainly keep the cold off this balding head!!!