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Friday, December 28, 2007

This is a quilt blocks for a small quilt I made a little over a year ago. I chose orange because....well...take a guess. The first picture is the "spark" block. A smaller numbe rof blocks are the "spark" block with a brighter fabric in the center than the other blocks.

At this point its only a quilt top made of about 24 squares with about 6 different prints and the solid orange fabric. Here is the link for the pattern: http://www.quiltbus.com/free.htm I do plan on finding the same fabrics (Joann's) and make a Queen size quilt, or at least a decent sized coverlet.

I did enjoy making the quilt top, but had a few problems along the way. First, finding the right fabrics that coordinate well together was not an easy task. I finally sort of gave up and just bought anything that had orange, red-orange, orange-red, orange-yellow, yellow orange...yep..those are real colors. I also had problems with the sizing of the blocks because I didn't realize until it was too late that I was ironing the blocks wrong. One should never use steam or pull on the fabric squares as you are ironing it. That will stretch it out of shape. The blocks are supposed to be 8"x8. Mine are a little larger because of the steam pressing and stretching I probably added 1/2" or 3/4" to the most of the blocks. Some even came out lopsided because of the fabric content - not all of the fabrics are 100% cotton. As I was squaring them off I got concerned because they seemed to be getting smaller and smaller. I went on a board to ask other quilters who have much more experience that I at piecing quilt blocks and ended up frustrated, but determined it make it work one way or another. After all the squaring off it seemed to work well when all was said and done.

I'm sure this pattern is a wonderful to dwindle down your stash or use up your scraps. I'd say you don't have to stick to the same amount of different fabrics to make it work. I'd like to see it done in black and white - possible geometric shapes or illusion fabrics.

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