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Sunday, December 30, 2007

The world does not contain enough orange!!!

Just a pix of the quilt top. I need to make more blocks for a coverlet or actual quilt for a queen sized bed. I'm sure that I will probably have to take some of these blocks from the quilt top and intermingle with new blocks that I'll make. Tell me what you think.


FranShawn said...

OMG look at your stuff!!!! AWESOME!!!! I need some stuff...hay I have cash :)

kileyray said...

Absolutely beautiful work bbmac. I am an orange lover too. Good work on the blog! I have bookmarked it and will check back often.


SkipNJazz said...

This is a comment from my other brother when I asked what he thought of my blog:

Yeah, it seems pretty cool. I am not an expert on sewing or anything, but you make it seem simple and fun. I hope it turns into something very profitable for you.