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Monday, November 24, 2008

ETACalifornia, Part 2

A shopper with Marsha McClintock of Saf-T-Pockets Patterns (www.saf-t-pockets.com). I was reluctant to take her class because I was thinking "What's the big deal? It's just pockets?" Well, I could have never been more wrong. It ain't just about pockets - let me tell you. Yes, the pockets are fascinating...she hides pockets in other pockets, and in many other places in the garments she's designed. She has designed many great patterns for travelers, shoppers, and all of us everyday people. Many pockets to place all your valuables and that Pick Pocket would have a terrible time getting anything from you!!!

Barbara Callahan,

This little lady's designs are fierce - in a very good way. It'd be nice if you completely see the outfit she's wearing. Of course she designed and made it herself - including the buttons!!!

She has excellent methods to embellish garments, and fabrics, and she can even show you how to make your own fabric. "Not me" you say? Yes, YOU!!!

The fabrics she carries are top-of-the-line at very good prices. Bamboo fabric...try it. It's softer than cashmere and last much longer. Her linens are not the type that we are familiar with..they are much better and wrinkle less than we're used to. Imagine that!!

The Silk Baron

More than one wall of beautiful silks in every color you never even thought of. I don't ever remember seeing anything with as many colors of silk that they have...not even a box of crayons!!!
Patty Dunn (www.alldunndesigns.com), and the Pam Skersick and Carol Lockwood of Crone Art.

One of the many things that Patty does is design the most clever methods to make purses and tote bags with gorgeous findings, clever ways to attain the firmness you want without being stiff, and she uses interesting fabrics. Patty can also teach you how to make different kinds of hems, and facings - not just the usual facings you see in today's patterns.

Crone Art: Some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry and other accessories I've ever seen. Embellishments for garments will make you say "I wish I had thought of that".

Pam Damour, The Decorating Diva.

The class I attended was all about mitering. She's magical. Take her classes, period. The next time I have the opportunity I will definitely take her decorating class because those at ETACalifonria who took her class looked very happy when they finished their projects.

I must apologize because I had a few more pictures but they didn't have the right exposure. So here's a synopsis of:

Cynthia Guffey

Vaune Pierce

Emma Seabrooke of SewKeysE

Emma is a Certified Sewing Instructor, and Designer and pattern maker located in the Floria Keys. Her designs concentrate on sewphisticated Knit Fabrics - and she can do wonders with those fabrics.. She's also certified for pants fitting. and received her credentials from Palmer/Pletsch. You must take her class "Origami Top", I couldn't believe how easy this top is put together, and looks good, too.

Peggy Sagers, owner and design of Silhoutte Patterns. Her vendor area was never empty!!! Beautiful garments and stylish patterns.

Janice Stewart Designs owner and designer

Very creative and timeless fasions. were other creative artists that held classes and showed their creations. All of these individuals are terribly creative and innovative. Please attend any of their seminars or classes at your earliest opportunity.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


It has taken me a while to post this because my computer crashed. That's always fun isn't it?

First I must express my gratitude to Peggy Sagers an American Sewing Guild (ASG) member, the owner, creator, and designer of Silhoutte Patterns for putting this wonderful affair together.

I also must thank the San Pedro California, Double Tree Hotel for keeping the restrooms clean and well stocked. No lines, which is very important to any female. The accomodations were also very nice and the food was tasty. Free parking? YES!!!

And this is in California!!! The only free parking in California is at the mall or your own house!!!

I must also thank the husbands, friends and other family members of the artists who assisted and "manned" the vendor area for their unique artist. You must know how valuable you are to all of us.

So..here we go: I thoroughly enjoyed Education of the Textile Arts in California (ETACalifornia) and attending the classes and seminars. All of the artists and seamstresses were tip top and are so talented. I have a lot of respect for all of them. If you ever have the opportunity to see any of these artists in whatever venue please do not hesistate. You will have the best time and you deserve that, right? Treat yourself - let the family fend for themselves while you're out having a good time attending these classes and seminars. It is truly an invaluable experience.

Kandi Christian


My first class was hands-on and that enthused me so much I wanted to stay there all day!!! The class was given by Kandi Christian (www.sewtimeless.com) and the students individually embellished hand towels. Even though I've embellished towels previously it was a joy to attend this class. Having other "sewing buddies" is something that I have missed. I (and you) need to bond more with my sewing peers and the experts who can teach us all those special things they do.

You can visit Kandi Christian at her web site: www.sewtimeless.com, you will be impressed.

- - - - - - -

Linda MacPhee - MacPhee Workshops


How would you like to have a water resistant shopping bag? Well she's got them for you - kits to make them for yourself, that is!!! During the class she poored water right on the bag and it was like water on a duck's back, literally. Her kit contains the pattern, instructions, and enough fabric to make 3 bags. To top that off - it has it's own pocket so it can be tucked away in your purse and not take up much room at all.

Beggar's Cloth. hmmm...WTH?, you'll say to yourself. Yes, it's beautiful, and in my opinion - timeless, too. You must visit her website and order a few yards and whip up a few wonderful garments.. You'll love the fabric, trust me.Jacket from Beggar's Cloth

Black Jacket made from Beggar's Cloth.

Or...how'd you like to have a coat or jacket made from plastic shopping bags? You'll wonder "what was she thinking"? Well, I sure did wonder, but the coat was great. This is part of her "recycle, reuse class". So go shopping, asked for plastic bags (not the grocery store kind) and make a few coats. Being the hoader I am I am sure I can whip up a couple of these coats in no time.

Don't throw away those denims either. Take this class, you'll be fasinated with the information and tips she provides. Take the class...take the class...say it with me...take the class.


- - - - - - - - - -


In the meantime visit www.asg.org and take a look at all the wonderful seminars, classes, and community projects we've got going. Becoming a member is quick, easy, and invaluable.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Yes, me!!! I am going to Education of the Textile Arts in California. It's been held about 20 miles from me in San Pedro, CA. I am so doggone excited!!! The hostess of the event (Paggy Sagers of Silhouette Patterns) even called me one night last week!!! I had a couple of questions and she called to answer them. Very nice lady, too. I hope to see her in person and get a picture of the two of us. Whatever pictures I am able to take I will surely post soon after the event.

I've signed up for several classes and will be spending all day Saturday and all day Sunday. Thank God that my flex day is that Monday - so I can rest and marvel my experiences and new information I will receive. I am about to burst!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Singer Quantum Serger with Coverstitch

I am trying so hard to resist buying this machine, but it ain't easy!!! It's a very nice machine and I even went to the Singer Sewing Machine website and read a few of the portions of the manual. It seems to be a wonderful machine and the reviews are quite favorable. When I find it at a good price then it's mine!!! I will keep you posted with my progress.

Follow-Up to previous post

Well the outfit didn't get finished yet because when my granddaughter put it on it was so big. Not so much the top, but the pants work enormous. Besides that I don't think she was so enthused about the outfit either. Other than the color I don't think she liked it at all. So, my thinking since then I will finish the out fit and then make another with the adjustments necessary. I will probably also use a different pattern for the top because she doesn't like her stomach showing - at all, and since the top is a flared top it definitely will show a little stomach as she moves.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I got so motivated I started on this outfit for my granddaughter who is 9 years old.

The outfit is in hot pink cotton/spandex...just a little bit of spandex so it should be comfy for her. The cotton is a little heavier than I think is necessary for a sleeveless top, but if she chooses to wear it in the colder months she can wear a turtle neck underneath. The fabric came from I believe Walmart a year or so ago. It was an excellent purchase - only $1.00 per yard. I think I ended up with 11 yards by simply purchasing whatever was left on the bolt.

I zig-zagged all seam allowances before I sewed together. For some reason I could not find my foot control for either of my sergers. I have 2 old sergers: Juki 2/4 and a White 234. Where in the heck could the foot controls be? One of the surgers was in a case so the foot control should have been right there with it. Did they just walk away? The bad thing is that I can't use any other foot controls because of the connection plug on the cord doesn't match anything else I've got. This holds true for both machines. Grrrrr!!!

On the sewing machine, a Singer Quantum I decided to use variegated thread in the top to "embroider" little flowers along the hem of the pants and along the bottom of the top. I haven't put the bias on the armholes or neckline yet, because I can't decide if I want to do that or put a self-fabric facing on it, with the same embroidery. Any suggestions?

This picture below also shows how I ran out of bobbie thread before I was finished with the embroidery. I hate that, LOL.

I did a bad thing in making this outfit: I don't even know if it will fit her. In rtw she's a size 10-12. The pattern size I used is 8, but used about 1/2 " seam vs. the usual 5/8". I wanted to take her measurements today, but they were out all day. So...when I get a chance to have her try on the outfit, I will surely take pictures and post them.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Well, here we go, as promised. The curtain panel is showing up more orangey than it really is. It's still a beautiful cotton fabric from Joann's.
My daughter loved it when she saw it after she got home from her trip.
View from the back and on the right of the actual curtain is the black-out fabric. I chose the less dense because I'm sure she'd want some light to come in even though there is a south-facing window on a wall next to the west-facing door.

Another view of the back - with the black-out fabric showing more than above. At the top is just a simple hem with a casing for the curtain rod.
...and this is the machine it was sewn on.
I love this machine - even though it's an older model it works perfectly.

Here are the potholders. I like them myself, I must say. My daughter said they were too pretty to use.One of the illustrous potholders. I chose a decorative stitch for the quilting portion on one of the potholders, and tried to repeat her first initial on the other one. I've learned to use a rayon thread for the actual decorative stitches and monogramming.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Have you ever visited fabric.com? It's a wonderful on-line fabric store. they have the widest selection of fabrics that I've ever seen. You can't beat the sales, and the customer service is superb.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Sewing lessons are starting this coming week. Whatever amount of sewing experience (or lack of ) - you are certainly welcomed to join us. The first few classes will focus on Mothers' Day gifts. In particular there is a Fabric Covered Photo Album Class(es), also classes in making Tote Bags, Intro to Sewing, Basic Sewing, and Sewing Machine Tune-Up and Maintenance. Please post your comments including desires for classes. We will also have minor repair/adjustment of garments classes, too. Later in the Summer Basic Pattern Alterations. All classes require prepaid registration. Please email me at: ladywhosews@gmail.com for class schedules and registration information.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Easily Print Craft Patterns to Any Size

Easily Print Craft Patterns to Any Size

Have you heard of Rapid Resizer and Pattern Wizard? It's wonderful software that you that allows you to enlarge patterns, motifs, designs etc., with the click of a button. I can't tell you how many times I have needed to enlarge a design or motif and the copy machine will only enlarge to a certain point or percentage. It's been frustrating for me. Usually what I end up doing doesn't work so well...I draw the design or motif and then try my best to enlarge it myself - freehand. Well, unlike the rest of my family who can draw anything, anytime and do a wonderful and envious job at it - I cannot draw a straight line!!!

The Rapid Resizer works with scroll saw, intarsia, marquetry, applique, quilting, tole & decorative painting, metal art and many other kinds of patterns, designs, and drawings. There's a special version of the Rapid Resizer for stained glass. The Rapid Resizer works with scroll saw, intarsia, marquetry, applique, quilting, tole & decorative painting, metal art and many other kinds of patterns, designs, and drawings. There's a special version of the Rapid Resizer for Stained Glass.

With the Pattern Wizard

You swiftly design professional patterns where lines are straight, curves are smooth, and angles are precise. You see a realistic representation of a pattern before it's built. You can fill a piece with an image of real glass just by clicking on it.

You print the design precisely at any size you want. Patterns larger than a page are automatically tiled across multiple pages.

And you save time because it's easy to manipulate a design and because of the pattern design related chores automated by the Pattern Wizard. With the Pattern Wizard

You swiftly design professional patterns where lines are straight, curves are smooth, and angles are precise. You see a realistic representation of a pattern before it's built. You can fill a piece with an image of real glass just by clicking on it.
You print the design precisely at any size you want. Patterns larger than a page are automatically tiled across multiple pages.

And you save time because it's easy to manipulate a design and because of the pattern design related chores automated by the Pattern Wizard.

The Pattern Wizard also has ...

It allows you to easily design your own stained glass patterns from scratch, and those patterns can be printed to any dimensions using your own printer. Patterns larger than a page are tiled across multiple pages.

A complete set of drawing tools: straight lines, squares & rectangles, curves, circular arcs, circles & ellipses. Plus instantly scale, rotate, mirror, or flip and part of your design. Fill the pieces of your pattern with colors or realistic images of many glass types (most of which can be "tinted" to any color).

A one page picture of the filled pattern can be easily printed and shown to clients. It approximately calculates the amount of each kind of glass required to build a project.

Instructions, including a tutorial.

15 free patterns and 16 pattern elements that you can easily change or insert into your own work.

Rulers and an adjustable grid.

Easily "undo" any mistake. Automatically numbers your glass pieces and can print out a numbered glass legend.

Easily trace pictures of patterns, opened from a file or taken directly from a scanner. It figures the total length of lead came needed for your project.

Automatic grid maker, rectangular or diamond shaped. Identifies drawing "mistakes" that could confuse the program.

Add letters and numbers to your design using almost any font on your computer.

Export patterns as JPG pictures, or Copy & Paste into other programs like Word or Corel, or automatically attached to an e-mail.

Eases determining the cost of a pattern by recording how long you worked on it. View and edit multiple patterns simultaneously.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Fabric Fairy

The Fabric Fairy offers an incredible selection of trendy, fun, and funky fabric and embellishments for kids, teens, and the young at heart, including boutique knits, organics, Japanese and European imports, punk/diy fabrics, and more. Click here to experience it for yourself!

The Fabric Fairy Fabric Boutique

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sewing and Craft Instruction

Last week I met with the Supervisor of Cultural Programs for the city where I live. We met to discuss the possibility of me becoming an instructor of sewing and other crafts to be held at various Parks and Recreation Centers locations within the city. She was very enthused when she saw some of my "samples" - various items that I have sewn and and some that I have knit. I was very proud of the garments I took to the meeting. She recognized my good craftsmanship in the items I displayed as she was familiar with sewn garments because her mother used to make most of the clothes that she and her sister wore while growing up.

We also discussed conducting one-day classes, and classes where there would be a series of sessions. I like both ideas very much because I have a lot of different subject matter that I could teach students who enroll in the classes. It seems that they have been looking for someone to teaching for a long time, and have no instructors willing or available, but citizens of the community have shown interest in wanting to learn to sew.

To start - I'd like to hold a Basic Introductory Sewing Class - where students would learn about fabrics, patterns, including how to determine the correct size pattern to purchase according to their body type and measurement. They would also learn the proper use of a few of the sewing supplies and notions available on the market.

The next idea would be a Basic Quilting Class - making a very basic quilt out of 9 or 12 squares (or rectangles) of 2 coordinating (or not coordinating) fabrics and a solid coordinating color for the backing. (My grand daughter doesn't know it yet, but I have 2 fabrics that we can use to teach her how to sew and she would have a nice quilt in her favorite colors.

Another class would be "Sewing with a Purpose" (SWAP) for a Spring and Summer wardrobe. The SWAP consists of usually at least 8 - 12 or more different garments that are interchangeable and coordinated. With that in mind one could have a wardrobe that would consist of 40 or more outfits. The garments to be made would at least be:

2 Jackets
3 pair of slacks pants (yes, there is a difference)
and possibly a pair or two of shorts
3 skirts
3 tops

With the fabric that is not used for the above garments you could probably get 2 or4 nice tote bags or purses, and a scarf or 2 - just to add to a little something to the wardrobe. Timmel Fabrics: www.timmelfabrics.com (NAYY)hosts SWAPs every year and the garments that participants create are quite extraordinary.

I will definitely keep you posted, so check back often to see the progress. I will also definitely take pictures of the students progress with their project(s) and post the pictures here.

While all this planning is going on and syllabus after syllabus is being prepared I am still waiting to get my hands on my birth certificate so that I can get going with teaching at Michaels Craft Store.

Note for the grammar police: Michaels Craft Store does not have an apostrophe, I checked, checked again, and even a 3rd time to be sure. The url for their website is www.michaelscraftstore.com. URLs do not allow apostrophes in the syntax.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dominique modeling the ensemble in the next few picures where he's looking kind of serious. I think that's part of his new persona since he's 12 years old now he wants to be treated more "manly"...and I do quote him!!!

The Saga Continues, LOL

This is a scarf and beret that I made for my daughter. During the Labor Day Holiday I found out that her favorite color is crimson, cranberry, maroon or blood red. Whatever you want to call it. I had made a beret and scarf for my brother Maurice, but he doesn't like caps because they make him itch. I didn't think to mention that it wasn't made of wool. Anyway...my daughter kind of jumped right and said, "I'll take it, it's my favorite color". So...I had to make another scarf so that she'd have the matching ensemble. If you new my family you'd spoil them, too.

In the process of taking pictures of the scarf and beret I asked my daughter's daughter (my dear one and only grand daughter) to model the garments for me. She was more than happy to oblige. She's quite the model, too.
Just a note: These type items are for sell. Please email me (ladywhosews@gmail.com) and describe what you desire in the way of a knitted item, the type of fiber, size, etc., and I will get a quote to you post haste.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I couldn't resist this either!!!

So...I couldn't resist buying this: Vogue Knitting Winter 2007/2008 Issue. Beautiful knits, beautiful stitches....extremely beautiful yarns used in their displayed garments.

I like this one very much...it would be a challenge, and with long sleeves - but who doesn't need a challenge?

My daughter would love this one, and how about in an eyelash "mink" or erman-look eyelash or mohair yarn?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Scrap Quilts

Successful Scrap Quilts from Simple Rectangles (Paperback)
by Judy Turner and Margaret Rolfe

Here's a wonderful quilt book that I saw on another blog. The blog owner is quite a quilt maker - she makes the most beautiful quilts and uses many patterns, I think in the past year or so she has made 15 - 20 quilts. she's such an inspiration. Here's the url for her blog: www.smallhand.blogspot.com, take a look at her beautiful quilts.

I like predominately black quilt shown here , but you all know I love orange and purple - so I think that would be nice. A quilt for a baby in beautiful soft, muted colors would be beautiful, too. There are so many possibilities.

It would be much better not to purchase any fabric for this quilt if I decide (better yet -find the time to sew it) because I know I have more than enough fabrics already to made probably 3 or 4 quilts from any pattern. Better yet, it would be better to use this book and quilt pattern for one of my classes, and kill 2 birds with 1 stone!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I received it!!!

Well, my new sewing machine was delivered today. I feel the pressure---yeah woman...this blog is about sewing, blahblahblah...Ok...so I will sew something this weekend even if its only something with the decorator stitches, ok? I do have a few hems I could do...particularly jeans...yeah - that's it...I will hem those jeans. that will definitely put the machine to the test, after all it's supposed to be heavy duty!!!

I do also realize that I have to pose some of the things I've already made through the years...I will have to dig through the closets and see what I can find. I really miss sewing. In an apartment I used to live in I converted my daughter's bedroom into a sewing and computer room. I also had my TV so it was extremely convenient. I didn't have to leave the room to do anything besides potty, eat or go to bed!!! I loved it.

Stay tuned

Saturday, January 26, 2008

So, I'm going north on the 405

...on my way to a friend's house then to brunch at the Odyessy...well, I've never been much for street names, just landmarks. I drive past the exit and I'm am truly on my way to Sacramento. "Hmmmm"...I say to myself...what have you done now? So, if it weren't for my cell phone - I may very well be in Sacramento right now.

She's movie buff and I we watched a movie on DVD - Notes on a Scandal. Very nice movie - with a couple of twists that took me by surprise.

In between taking a break and talking out on her patio, playing with her dogs and sipping wine - I took a few pictures of her and her dogs. She has 3 and they are the sweetest things. I believe they are all mutts but so lovable.

Here's Shadow. You can't see how handsome he is or how big. He's mixed with something - my guess is Lab and Great Dane, only because I love Great Danes.

Shadow refusing to pose for his picture.

Shadow sunning by the pool

Shadow, Greta and Pugsley.

Greta is a Yellow Lab, and the sweeest thing. She was in training to be a guide dog, but couldn't cut the mustard. She's pretty much a loner, but she definitely lets you know when the other 2 are getting too much affection.
Pugsley is the newest addition to the family and a very spoiled brat. Loveable and so soft...he made sure I gave him plenty of affection.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Well...I simply couldn't resist

I just purchased a new sewing machine. How did it catch my eye? I was going through the cable guide and saw the word "sewing", so you know exactly what I did!!! ..."press select" on the remote control. The new machine is a heavy duty model made my Singer.

So, hopefully there will be no more (or just less) excuses for not getting something made up on that machine. It's being shipped and I didn't think to ask when was the shipping date or when I could expect delivery. I will make room for it by the end of the weekend.

As I drive by yard sales I always have tunnel vision for sewing machines. Sometimes you can get one for almost nothing. A lot of people own machines and don't have a clue about how to use it, or what to use it for other than simple rips in a seam.

I have many other machines - most of them given to me by friends who don't sew anymore or never could and had a machine that they knew they were not going to use. Most need repair and when I get that accomplished I will give them someone who could really use it or to a shelter for their use.

I was sitting with 2 of my grandchildren this evening. Arianna, my only granddaughter who happens to be 8 years old, going on 88 - I asked her if she want to learn to sew. She said, "No, I might stick my finger or something". Well, have no fear my sweet darlin' cause Grannie will teach you safety precautions. I didn't bother to let her know that getting stuck with a needle or a pin occasionally is part of the job of sewing. Rest assured that I will make sure she enjoys sewing and learns all the essentials.

She's creative so she will have a lot of fun designing and whipping up something for herself or her dolls, or even her mother and brother. I have needed a sewing buddy for a long time, and I am sure she will fit the bill. Then again, who am I going to leave all my sewing stuff to? She's also a beautiful young lady, smart as a whip, and would be the perfect model for cute little outfits for someone of her age. She's a bit of a clothes horse already, so she really does need to know how to sew, if only to make her own alternations and embellishments.

I may start her off with hand sewing by embellishing a tote bag with various trims and buttons or studs. She's done one before - Santa brought her a kit with beads and studs and she did decorate a pink nylon tote bag for her mother. I have 10 or so more of those bags, and plenty coordinating trim, ribbons, etc. to get her started and inspired. Heck, I'm inspired myself!!! I'd better get those UFOs out and make sure I've got everything I need to complete them.

Monday, January 21, 2008

A Better World

Let's not let dreams and hope die. We should strive to be better people and open our hearts and arms to others who are difference from use. We'd be surprised at what positive things we will learn.

My plan is to go have blood drawn for my routine tests for cholesterol, etc. Then I will call my daughter to see if she and her 2 children would like to join me for the Martin Luther King Day Parade. The Parade is held on Martin Luther King Boulevard in the Crenshaw District of Los Angeles. The parade will conclude in the Crenshaw District's Leimert Park.

Much Love to you all!!!

Click here to see and hear:
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's Last Speech

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Aren't these beautiful?

While looking in knitting books for different patterns, textures and new ideas. textures - this book fit the bill. Here are just 2 of the particular sweaters that I like. What color(s) do you think would work best? Of course I already have have yarn in all the basic colors,but I want a dazzling color, even though I think the design would make any color dazzle,and I need an excuse to buy more yarn. So, please let me know what color(s) you think these two designs would look best in?

Here's the book info: