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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I received it!!!

Well, my new sewing machine was delivered today. I feel the pressure---yeah woman...this blog is about sewing, blahblahblah...Ok...so I will sew something this weekend even if its only something with the decorator stitches, ok? I do have a few hems I could do...particularly jeans...yeah - that's it...I will hem those jeans. that will definitely put the machine to the test, after all it's supposed to be heavy duty!!!

I do also realize that I have to pose some of the things I've already made through the years...I will have to dig through the closets and see what I can find. I really miss sewing. In an apartment I used to live in I converted my daughter's bedroom into a sewing and computer room. I also had my TV so it was extremely convenient. I didn't have to leave the room to do anything besides potty, eat or go to bed!!! I loved it.

Stay tuned

Saturday, January 26, 2008

So, I'm going north on the 405

...on my way to a friend's house then to brunch at the Odyessy...well, I've never been much for street names, just landmarks. I drive past the exit and I'm am truly on my way to Sacramento. "Hmmmm"...I say to myself...what have you done now? So, if it weren't for my cell phone - I may very well be in Sacramento right now.

She's movie buff and I we watched a movie on DVD - Notes on a Scandal. Very nice movie - with a couple of twists that took me by surprise.

In between taking a break and talking out on her patio, playing with her dogs and sipping wine - I took a few pictures of her and her dogs. She has 3 and they are the sweetest things. I believe they are all mutts but so lovable.

Here's Shadow. You can't see how handsome he is or how big. He's mixed with something - my guess is Lab and Great Dane, only because I love Great Danes.

Shadow refusing to pose for his picture.

Shadow sunning by the pool

Shadow, Greta and Pugsley.

Greta is a Yellow Lab, and the sweeest thing. She was in training to be a guide dog, but couldn't cut the mustard. She's pretty much a loner, but she definitely lets you know when the other 2 are getting too much affection.
Pugsley is the newest addition to the family and a very spoiled brat. Loveable and so soft...he made sure I gave him plenty of affection.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Well...I simply couldn't resist

I just purchased a new sewing machine. How did it catch my eye? I was going through the cable guide and saw the word "sewing", so you know exactly what I did!!! ..."press select" on the remote control. The new machine is a heavy duty model made my Singer.

So, hopefully there will be no more (or just less) excuses for not getting something made up on that machine. It's being shipped and I didn't think to ask when was the shipping date or when I could expect delivery. I will make room for it by the end of the weekend.

As I drive by yard sales I always have tunnel vision for sewing machines. Sometimes you can get one for almost nothing. A lot of people own machines and don't have a clue about how to use it, or what to use it for other than simple rips in a seam.

I have many other machines - most of them given to me by friends who don't sew anymore or never could and had a machine that they knew they were not going to use. Most need repair and when I get that accomplished I will give them someone who could really use it or to a shelter for their use.

I was sitting with 2 of my grandchildren this evening. Arianna, my only granddaughter who happens to be 8 years old, going on 88 - I asked her if she want to learn to sew. She said, "No, I might stick my finger or something". Well, have no fear my sweet darlin' cause Grannie will teach you safety precautions. I didn't bother to let her know that getting stuck with a needle or a pin occasionally is part of the job of sewing. Rest assured that I will make sure she enjoys sewing and learns all the essentials.

She's creative so she will have a lot of fun designing and whipping up something for herself or her dolls, or even her mother and brother. I have needed a sewing buddy for a long time, and I am sure she will fit the bill. Then again, who am I going to leave all my sewing stuff to? She's also a beautiful young lady, smart as a whip, and would be the perfect model for cute little outfits for someone of her age. She's a bit of a clothes horse already, so she really does need to know how to sew, if only to make her own alternations and embellishments.

I may start her off with hand sewing by embellishing a tote bag with various trims and buttons or studs. She's done one before - Santa brought her a kit with beads and studs and she did decorate a pink nylon tote bag for her mother. I have 10 or so more of those bags, and plenty coordinating trim, ribbons, etc. to get her started and inspired. Heck, I'm inspired myself!!! I'd better get those UFOs out and make sure I've got everything I need to complete them.

Monday, January 21, 2008

A Better World

Let's not let dreams and hope die. We should strive to be better people and open our hearts and arms to others who are difference from use. We'd be surprised at what positive things we will learn.

My plan is to go have blood drawn for my routine tests for cholesterol, etc. Then I will call my daughter to see if she and her 2 children would like to join me for the Martin Luther King Day Parade. The Parade is held on Martin Luther King Boulevard in the Crenshaw District of Los Angeles. The parade will conclude in the Crenshaw District's Leimert Park.

Much Love to you all!!!

Click here to see and hear:
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's Last Speech

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Aren't these beautiful?

While looking in knitting books for different patterns, textures and new ideas. textures - this book fit the bill. Here are just 2 of the particular sweaters that I like. What color(s) do you think would work best? Of course I already have have yarn in all the basic colors,but I want a dazzling color, even though I think the design would make any color dazzle,and I need an excuse to buy more yarn. So, please let me know what color(s) you think these two designs would look best in?

Here's the book info:

Have you ever

Have you ever felt any as soft as cashmere and as smooth as silk? This is new to me and the first time I felt Bamboo yarn...I was amazed. I was in Michael's Craft Store and other customers were close by and I just had to go over to them and say, "Feel this, isn't it wonderful?" It's the softest, smoothest thing I have ever felt. I found this company that has clothing. Just imagine how good and comfy you will feel wearing something made of bamboo fibers. I don't think it gets any better!!!

Bamboo Organic Bath Towel Set

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Even more EXCITEMENT!!!

Sunday afternoon I met with the Events Coordinator for the retail store where I applied for a job as Instructor of sewing, knitting, and whatever other crafts they may be a demand for. I took "samples" of my knitting, sewing and some of the bath salts I made. She was very impressed and I felt very proud.

We had a nice interview and I completed a survey that was based on one's honesty, ethics and integrity, etc., etc. The answers multiple choice from one to 10, with 10 being the most agreeable, and 1 being the least agreeable to the statements presented. Most of my answers were with 2, 3, 8 or 9. I honestly answered according to the way I feel. Even though there was not supposed to be much thought, I do have deductive reasoning and realize that there is not an absolute answer for any of the statements. Any whooo...they are doing a background check...because I will be teaching children in these different crafts and they want to make sure the children are safe with me. As long as they don't whine (LOL) they are safe with me!!!

So, for one of the first classes (if they can get me scheduled soon enough) would be candy for Valentine's Day, Fabric Covered Photo Albums, and maybe even a gift basket. How does that sound? Would you be interested and sign up? Of course you would!!!

One of the best things about it is that the students get a discount for the supplies they buy at the store. I'm sure that is a nice incentive for anyone to sign up for a class, it definitely would be for me.

Before and since the interview I had been working on a curriculum and syllabus. That's not an easy task because I need to gauge how much time it will take for each demonstration and take into consideration the number of students in the class and their knowledge of the subject matter.

I also took time to design a flier or two, biz cards and labels for one of the crafts.

While I was there I met a lady who also sews, crochets and knits. She saw the items that I took to my interview and like them, a lot. She asked if I would like to share a booth with her at some sort of exhibit later this month. That was exciting in itself, and would give me a lot of pleasure and provide a lot of exposure and hopefully get a lot of students signed up for classes.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Yesterday I received a voice mail from a young lady at the retail store where I applied for an "instructor" position. I returned her call today and made arrangements to meet with her tomorrow afternoon. She asked that I bring samples of my work - knitting, sewing, whatever. So I think I will gather a few pieces of jewelry, the hats and scarves shown below (sans the grey heather - its in the mail), and trek on over with my wares. She gave me the impression that they are desperate for instructors of all sorts. After years of not having the confidence I believe it takes to teach a class and stand in front of total strangers - class after class...I feel that I can definitely do that and more. I will knock their socks off. I may even take a class or two. I never could paint, so that would be a good one for me to take.

Have any of you ever taken any sort of crafts classes or wanted to take one and just haven't gotten around to it? What are you interested in learning, and why haven't you taken the classes yet? If you took a class what did you like most about it? What did you like least? Did you learn what you thought you'd need to learn? Do you still use those skills that you learned?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Here's hoping you have a wonderful and truly happy new year!!!