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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I received it!!!

Well, my new sewing machine was delivered today. I feel the pressure---yeah woman...this blog is about sewing, blahblahblah...Ok...so I will sew something this weekend even if its only something with the decorator stitches, ok? I do have a few hems I could do...particularly jeans...yeah - that's it...I will hem those jeans. that will definitely put the machine to the test, after all it's supposed to be heavy duty!!!

I do also realize that I have to pose some of the things I've already made through the years...I will have to dig through the closets and see what I can find. I really miss sewing. In an apartment I used to live in I converted my daughter's bedroom into a sewing and computer room. I also had my TV so it was extremely convenient. I didn't have to leave the room to do anything besides potty, eat or go to bed!!! I loved it.

Stay tuned

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