Saturday, January 26, 2008

So, I'm going north on the 405

...on my way to a friend's house then to brunch at the Odyessy...well, I've never been much for street names, just landmarks. I drive past the exit and I'm am truly on my way to Sacramento. "Hmmmm"...I say to myself...what have you done now? So, if it weren't for my cell phone - I may very well be in Sacramento right now.

She's movie buff and I we watched a movie on DVD - Notes on a Scandal. Very nice movie - with a couple of twists that took me by surprise.

In between taking a break and talking out on her patio, playing with her dogs and sipping wine - I took a few pictures of her and her dogs. She has 3 and they are the sweetest things. I believe they are all mutts but so lovable.

Here's Shadow. You can't see how handsome he is or how big. He's mixed with something - my guess is Lab and Great Dane, only because I love Great Danes.

Shadow refusing to pose for his picture.

Shadow sunning by the pool

Shadow, Greta and Pugsley.

Greta is a Yellow Lab, and the sweeest thing. She was in training to be a guide dog, but couldn't cut the mustard. She's pretty much a loner, but she definitely lets you know when the other 2 are getting too much affection.
Pugsley is the newest addition to the family and a very spoiled brat. Loveable and so soft...he made sure I gave him plenty of affection.

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