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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Well...I simply couldn't resist

I just purchased a new sewing machine. How did it catch my eye? I was going through the cable guide and saw the word "sewing", so you know exactly what I did!!! ..."press select" on the remote control. The new machine is a heavy duty model made my Singer.

So, hopefully there will be no more (or just less) excuses for not getting something made up on that machine. It's being shipped and I didn't think to ask when was the shipping date or when I could expect delivery. I will make room for it by the end of the weekend.

As I drive by yard sales I always have tunnel vision for sewing machines. Sometimes you can get one for almost nothing. A lot of people own machines and don't have a clue about how to use it, or what to use it for other than simple rips in a seam.

I have many other machines - most of them given to me by friends who don't sew anymore or never could and had a machine that they knew they were not going to use. Most need repair and when I get that accomplished I will give them someone who could really use it or to a shelter for their use.

I was sitting with 2 of my grandchildren this evening. Arianna, my only granddaughter who happens to be 8 years old, going on 88 - I asked her if she want to learn to sew. She said, "No, I might stick my finger or something". Well, have no fear my sweet darlin' cause Grannie will teach you safety precautions. I didn't bother to let her know that getting stuck with a needle or a pin occasionally is part of the job of sewing. Rest assured that I will make sure she enjoys sewing and learns all the essentials.

She's creative so she will have a lot of fun designing and whipping up something for herself or her dolls, or even her mother and brother. I have needed a sewing buddy for a long time, and I am sure she will fit the bill. Then again, who am I going to leave all my sewing stuff to? She's also a beautiful young lady, smart as a whip, and would be the perfect model for cute little outfits for someone of her age. She's a bit of a clothes horse already, so she really does need to know how to sew, if only to make her own alternations and embellishments.

I may start her off with hand sewing by embellishing a tote bag with various trims and buttons or studs. She's done one before - Santa brought her a kit with beads and studs and she did decorate a pink nylon tote bag for her mother. I have 10 or so more of those bags, and plenty coordinating trim, ribbons, etc. to get her started and inspired. Heck, I'm inspired myself!!! I'd better get those UFOs out and make sure I've got everything I need to complete them.

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