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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dominique modeling the ensemble in the next few picures where he's looking kind of serious. I think that's part of his new persona since he's 12 years old now he wants to be treated more "manly"...and I do quote him!!!

The Saga Continues, LOL

This is a scarf and beret that I made for my daughter. During the Labor Day Holiday I found out that her favorite color is crimson, cranberry, maroon or blood red. Whatever you want to call it. I had made a beret and scarf for my brother Maurice, but he doesn't like caps because they make him itch. I didn't think to mention that it wasn't made of wool. Anyway...my daughter kind of jumped right and said, "I'll take it, it's my favorite color". So...I had to make another scarf so that she'd have the matching ensemble. If you new my family you'd spoil them, too.

In the process of taking pictures of the scarf and beret I asked my daughter's daughter (my dear one and only grand daughter) to model the garments for me. She was more than happy to oblige. She's quite the model, too.
Just a note: These type items are for sell. Please email me (ladywhosews@gmail.com) and describe what you desire in the way of a knitted item, the type of fiber, size, etc., and I will get a quote to you post haste.


corrine said...

I love the brick pattern and the color blocking in the scarf for your grandson. Great design work!

LadyWhoSews said...

Thank you Corrine...do you knit, too? Could we possibly exchange links?