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Friday, August 1, 2008

Well, here we go, as promised. The curtain panel is showing up more orangey than it really is. It's still a beautiful cotton fabric from Joann's.
My daughter loved it when she saw it after she got home from her trip.
View from the back and on the right of the actual curtain is the black-out fabric. I chose the less dense because I'm sure she'd want some light to come in even though there is a south-facing window on a wall next to the west-facing door.

Another view of the back - with the black-out fabric showing more than above. At the top is just a simple hem with a casing for the curtain rod.
...and this is the machine it was sewn on.
I love this machine - even though it's an older model it works perfectly.

Here are the potholders. I like them myself, I must say. My daughter said they were too pretty to use.One of the illustrous potholders. I chose a decorative stitch for the quilting portion on one of the potholders, and tried to repeat her first initial on the other one. I've learned to use a rayon thread for the actual decorative stitches and monogramming.

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