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Sunday, August 3, 2008

I got so motivated I started on this outfit for my granddaughter who is 9 years old.

The outfit is in hot pink cotton/spandex...just a little bit of spandex so it should be comfy for her. The cotton is a little heavier than I think is necessary for a sleeveless top, but if she chooses to wear it in the colder months she can wear a turtle neck underneath. The fabric came from I believe Walmart a year or so ago. It was an excellent purchase - only $1.00 per yard. I think I ended up with 11 yards by simply purchasing whatever was left on the bolt.

I zig-zagged all seam allowances before I sewed together. For some reason I could not find my foot control for either of my sergers. I have 2 old sergers: Juki 2/4 and a White 234. Where in the heck could the foot controls be? One of the surgers was in a case so the foot control should have been right there with it. Did they just walk away? The bad thing is that I can't use any other foot controls because of the connection plug on the cord doesn't match anything else I've got. This holds true for both machines. Grrrrr!!!

On the sewing machine, a Singer Quantum I decided to use variegated thread in the top to "embroider" little flowers along the hem of the pants and along the bottom of the top. I haven't put the bias on the armholes or neckline yet, because I can't decide if I want to do that or put a self-fabric facing on it, with the same embroidery. Any suggestions?

This picture below also shows how I ran out of bobbie thread before I was finished with the embroidery. I hate that, LOL.

I did a bad thing in making this outfit: I don't even know if it will fit her. In rtw she's a size 10-12. The pattern size I used is 8, but used about 1/2 " seam vs. the usual 5/8". I wanted to take her measurements today, but they were out all day. So...when I get a chance to have her try on the outfit, I will surely take pictures and post them.


Adrienne said...

I was doing a search for this machine andyour blog came up. How do you like it???

LadyWhoSews said...

Thank you for the visit to my blog and your comment/question. Yes, I do like the machine, very much. It has probably 100 different embroidery designs (including letters for monogramming, and a few other stitches such as multi zig-zag, blind stitch, etc.

I read in the manual and noticed while I was sewing is that it will not run after a while - when it gets hot. I suppose there is some sort of thermostat connected to the motor and when the motor gets too hot it won't sew. You have to turn it off and let it cool down. I hope this the case with mine and that it doesn't need repair. It is an older machine and I don't know what year it was on the market. When I can afford to upgrade I will probably get the new model.

Thank you again, and take care.