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Monday, November 24, 2008

ETACalifornia, Part 2

A shopper with Marsha McClintock of Saf-T-Pockets Patterns (www.saf-t-pockets.com). I was reluctant to take her class because I was thinking "What's the big deal? It's just pockets?" Well, I could have never been more wrong. It ain't just about pockets - let me tell you. Yes, the pockets are fascinating...she hides pockets in other pockets, and in many other places in the garments she's designed. She has designed many great patterns for travelers, shoppers, and all of us everyday people. Many pockets to place all your valuables and that Pick Pocket would have a terrible time getting anything from you!!!

Barbara Callahan,

This little lady's designs are fierce - in a very good way. It'd be nice if you completely see the outfit she's wearing. Of course she designed and made it herself - including the buttons!!!

She has excellent methods to embellish garments, and fabrics, and she can even show you how to make your own fabric. "Not me" you say? Yes, YOU!!!

The fabrics she carries are top-of-the-line at very good prices. Bamboo fabric...try it. It's softer than cashmere and last much longer. Her linens are not the type that we are familiar with..they are much better and wrinkle less than we're used to. Imagine that!!

The Silk Baron

More than one wall of beautiful silks in every color you never even thought of. I don't ever remember seeing anything with as many colors of silk that they have...not even a box of crayons!!!
Patty Dunn (www.alldunndesigns.com), and the Pam Skersick and Carol Lockwood of Crone Art.

One of the many things that Patty does is design the most clever methods to make purses and tote bags with gorgeous findings, clever ways to attain the firmness you want without being stiff, and she uses interesting fabrics. Patty can also teach you how to make different kinds of hems, and facings - not just the usual facings you see in today's patterns.

Crone Art: Some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry and other accessories I've ever seen. Embellishments for garments will make you say "I wish I had thought of that".

Pam Damour, The Decorating Diva.

The class I attended was all about mitering. She's magical. Take her classes, period. The next time I have the opportunity I will definitely take her decorating class because those at ETACalifonria who took her class looked very happy when they finished their projects.

I must apologize because I had a few more pictures but they didn't have the right exposure. So here's a synopsis of:

Cynthia Guffey

Vaune Pierce

Emma Seabrooke of SewKeysE

Emma is a Certified Sewing Instructor, and Designer and pattern maker located in the Floria Keys. Her designs concentrate on sewphisticated Knit Fabrics - and she can do wonders with those fabrics.. She's also certified for pants fitting. and received her credentials from Palmer/Pletsch. You must take her class "Origami Top", I couldn't believe how easy this top is put together, and looks good, too.

Peggy Sagers, owner and design of Silhoutte Patterns. Her vendor area was never empty!!! Beautiful garments and stylish patterns.

Janice Stewart Designs owner and designer

Very creative and timeless fasions. were other creative artists that held classes and showed their creations. All of these individuals are terribly creative and innovative. Please attend any of their seminars or classes at your earliest opportunity.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


It has taken me a while to post this because my computer crashed. That's always fun isn't it?

First I must express my gratitude to Peggy Sagers an American Sewing Guild (ASG) member, the owner, creator, and designer of Silhoutte Patterns for putting this wonderful affair together.

I also must thank the San Pedro California, Double Tree Hotel for keeping the restrooms clean and well stocked. No lines, which is very important to any female. The accomodations were also very nice and the food was tasty. Free parking? YES!!!

And this is in California!!! The only free parking in California is at the mall or your own house!!!

I must also thank the husbands, friends and other family members of the artists who assisted and "manned" the vendor area for their unique artist. You must know how valuable you are to all of us.

So..here we go: I thoroughly enjoyed Education of the Textile Arts in California (ETACalifornia) and attending the classes and seminars. All of the artists and seamstresses were tip top and are so talented. I have a lot of respect for all of them. If you ever have the opportunity to see any of these artists in whatever venue please do not hesistate. You will have the best time and you deserve that, right? Treat yourself - let the family fend for themselves while you're out having a good time attending these classes and seminars. It is truly an invaluable experience.

Kandi Christian


My first class was hands-on and that enthused me so much I wanted to stay there all day!!! The class was given by Kandi Christian (www.sewtimeless.com) and the students individually embellished hand towels. Even though I've embellished towels previously it was a joy to attend this class. Having other "sewing buddies" is something that I have missed. I (and you) need to bond more with my sewing peers and the experts who can teach us all those special things they do.

You can visit Kandi Christian at her web site: www.sewtimeless.com, you will be impressed.

- - - - - - -

Linda MacPhee - MacPhee Workshops


How would you like to have a water resistant shopping bag? Well she's got them for you - kits to make them for yourself, that is!!! During the class she poored water right on the bag and it was like water on a duck's back, literally. Her kit contains the pattern, instructions, and enough fabric to make 3 bags. To top that off - it has it's own pocket so it can be tucked away in your purse and not take up much room at all.

Beggar's Cloth. hmmm...WTH?, you'll say to yourself. Yes, it's beautiful, and in my opinion - timeless, too. You must visit her website and order a few yards and whip up a few wonderful garments.. You'll love the fabric, trust me.Jacket from Beggar's Cloth

Black Jacket made from Beggar's Cloth.

Or...how'd you like to have a coat or jacket made from plastic shopping bags? You'll wonder "what was she thinking"? Well, I sure did wonder, but the coat was great. This is part of her "recycle, reuse class". So go shopping, asked for plastic bags (not the grocery store kind) and make a few coats. Being the hoader I am I am sure I can whip up a couple of these coats in no time.

Don't throw away those denims either. Take this class, you'll be fasinated with the information and tips she provides. Take the class...take the class...say it with me...take the class.


- - - - - - - - - -


In the meantime visit www.asg.org and take a look at all the wonderful seminars, classes, and community projects we've got going. Becoming a member is quick, easy, and invaluable.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Yes, me!!! I am going to Education of the Textile Arts in California. It's been held about 20 miles from me in San Pedro, CA. I am so doggone excited!!! The hostess of the event (Paggy Sagers of Silhouette Patterns) even called me one night last week!!! I had a couple of questions and she called to answer them. Very nice lady, too. I hope to see her in person and get a picture of the two of us. Whatever pictures I am able to take I will surely post soon after the event.

I've signed up for several classes and will be spending all day Saturday and all day Sunday. Thank God that my flex day is that Monday - so I can rest and marvel my experiences and new information I will receive. I am about to burst!!!