Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Even more EXCITEMENT!!!

Sunday afternoon I met with the Events Coordinator for the retail store where I applied for a job as Instructor of sewing, knitting, and whatever other crafts they may be a demand for. I took "samples" of my knitting, sewing and some of the bath salts I made. She was very impressed and I felt very proud.

We had a nice interview and I completed a survey that was based on one's honesty, ethics and integrity, etc., etc. The answers multiple choice from one to 10, with 10 being the most agreeable, and 1 being the least agreeable to the statements presented. Most of my answers were with 2, 3, 8 or 9. I honestly answered according to the way I feel. Even though there was not supposed to be much thought, I do have deductive reasoning and realize that there is not an absolute answer for any of the statements. Any whooo...they are doing a background check...because I will be teaching children in these different crafts and they want to make sure the children are safe with me. As long as they don't whine (LOL) they are safe with me!!!

So, for one of the first classes (if they can get me scheduled soon enough) would be candy for Valentine's Day, Fabric Covered Photo Albums, and maybe even a gift basket. How does that sound? Would you be interested and sign up? Of course you would!!!

One of the best things about it is that the students get a discount for the supplies they buy at the store. I'm sure that is a nice incentive for anyone to sign up for a class, it definitely would be for me.

Before and since the interview I had been working on a curriculum and syllabus. That's not an easy task because I need to gauge how much time it will take for each demonstration and take into consideration the number of students in the class and their knowledge of the subject matter.

I also took time to design a flier or two, biz cards and labels for one of the crafts.

While I was there I met a lady who also sews, crochets and knits. She saw the items that I took to my interview and like them, a lot. She asked if I would like to share a booth with her at some sort of exhibit later this month. That was exciting in itself, and would give me a lot of pleasure and provide a lot of exposure and hopefully get a lot of students signed up for classes.