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Monday, November 9, 2009

Not much going on here.

I did make a blouse (knit top really), a few months ago, but don't recall posting pictures. Nope, I didn't even look back at the posts, LOL.

I also started a dress for my granddaughter and have it all sewn together but am having issues with the neckline and hem. When I was sewing the top I mention above I had the green print fabric out and she said, "Hmmm, I'd like ot have a dress out of this". Not hinting, just admiring the fabric. We do seem to have very similar tastes in fabric designs and prints.

Ok...back to the subject at hand - the dress for her: First of all it's a poly-jersey - a funky geometric print. The colors are lime green, kelly green, and black on a white background. So...if I self face it, the colors will show through the white, if I use white jersey for a "collar", it will get dirty and show that ring around the collor. If I use black jersey it will just look too morbid for me. Afterall she's 10 years old. Decisions...decisions.

Anyone else have problems making decisions like this? I did look for green to match (either shade that would match), but noooo...no such color green in poly jersey. I of course I found cotton jersey, but anything other than white will fade. I don't like one part of a garment faded and the other part(s) retaining their color. So that's my story and I'm stickign to it.

I did also cut out a top for me the same pattern as the top I finished months ago, but in this green, black, and white fabric I mention above. Maybe this week or weekend I can have them both finished ready to present to the world, LOL.

Hopefully soon, I will take a few pics so that you can see...visuals are imparative, won't you agree?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

What have you been sewing? Any new projects?

What brought these questions to mind was CBS Sunday Morning, just today. The feature talked aobut proscrastination, particularly filing your Income Tax Return.

So...what have I been sewing? What are some of my new projects?

Not much in the last few weeks. A few weeks I did manage to sew a knit top that I like and have worn a few times. Lots of polka dots and I've received numerous compliments on it. Two of my grandchildren were impressed that I had copied the pattern onto pattern paper, made pattern alterations, and completely sewn it together while babysitting them one Saturday afternoon. This is something I need to continue. I aspire to get more accomplished much like many of you out there, namely Trini Love of Life Happens to be Positive, Erica Bunker, and Carolyn. These are only three of many fantastic seamstresses out there.

Fondling fabric, cutting out patterns, and imagining this made up in that, or that made up in this, is all I have been doing lately, LOL. Decisions, decisions, decisions. JUST DO IT!!! Anyone else have those undecided moments? Gosh, what a dilemma!!! It's par for the course. Very rarely do I seem to shop for a specific pattern or fabric in order to sew up a particular garment. Why is that? Well...we shop and shop and shop, buying the fabrics and patterns that catch our eye. We will get these things sewn up one day...take your time because the "just right" combination has to be made up in our minds before we put that fabric under the presser foot!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I need help!!! I'm trying to find a "How-To"

Some months ago I came across a website that demonstrated how to convert a man's T-shirt into a woman's T-Shirt. There were very detailed instructions, and you virtually take the T-shirt apart and remake the t-shirt for a custom fit. A few weeks ago I found a nice sale on men's T-Shirts and bought a few, but surely don't care for the boxy fit.

If any of you know of this site or have a TNT (Tried and True) method of altering T-Shirts to fit women, please let us know with a post here on the blog.
After attending the Quilting and Crafts Show at the Pomona Fairplex, and other venues such as this I become more hyped and my creative juices start flowing even more. I assisted Pat and Jeannette man (womaned???) the ASG (American Sewing Guild) table and enjoyed my time there. Jeannette Swanson our President of the Los Angeles Chapter brought some of her creations she's decorated with paint sticks. They were priceless. Most of the visitors to the table received a demostration in from Jeanette, and I'm sure she has sparked a lot of interest. The sign up sheets for receiving more information about ASG were pretty hefty. If not yet, soon there will be even more members and participants in our meetings and seminars. That alone is exciting.

BTW, Jeannette teaches conducts classes in sewing and other crafts for the Santa Clarita Parks and Recreation Department.

It was a joy to see all of the vendors and well as visitors mingling and shopping. There are so many new innovations in the market it's unbelievable. Of course, I did a little shopping after seeing a couple of things that were irresistible. Naturally, that was fabric and patterns. We crafts people need our own stimulus package. Just imagine what damage we could to do our wallets with a personal stimulus package, I already have my wish list handy!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Pomona Quilt, Craft, and Sewing Festival

I will be attending this weekend, and spending part of the time tending the American Sewing Guild - Los Angeles (www.ASGLA.org) Chapter booth. I understand that we are right next to the Ladies' Restroom, so you surely can't miss us!!!

When you stop ASG-LA's by booth you will be able to meet many of our members and see many of the interesting things we learn, and what wonderful times we have when we attend classes, seminars and festivals. Please take time to stop by to get information regarding the organization, and you could even sign-up to be a member right then and there.

For more information regarding the Pomona Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival this weekend located at the Pomona Fairgrounds - please visit: