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Sunday, April 12, 2009

What have you been sewing? Any new projects?

What brought these questions to mind was CBS Sunday Morning, just today. The feature talked aobut proscrastination, particularly filing your Income Tax Return.

So...what have I been sewing? What are some of my new projects?

Not much in the last few weeks. A few weeks I did manage to sew a knit top that I like and have worn a few times. Lots of polka dots and I've received numerous compliments on it. Two of my grandchildren were impressed that I had copied the pattern onto pattern paper, made pattern alterations, and completely sewn it together while babysitting them one Saturday afternoon. This is something I need to continue. I aspire to get more accomplished much like many of you out there, namely Trini Love of Life Happens to be Positive, Erica Bunker, and Carolyn. These are only three of many fantastic seamstresses out there.

Fondling fabric, cutting out patterns, and imagining this made up in that, or that made up in this, is all I have been doing lately, LOL. Decisions, decisions, decisions. JUST DO IT!!! Anyone else have those undecided moments? Gosh, what a dilemma!!! It's par for the course. Very rarely do I seem to shop for a specific pattern or fabric in order to sew up a particular garment. Why is that? Well...we shop and shop and shop, buying the fabrics and patterns that catch our eye. We will get these things sewn up one day...take your time because the "just right" combination has to be made up in our minds before we put that fabric under the presser foot!!!


The Slapdash Sewist said...

I am normally very productive but lately I have been doing more dreaming than sewing as well. Even though I had a long weekend I didn't actually do any sewing until 6:00 on Sunday night and I didn't get much done. But at least I put a few seams into a project!

LadyWhoSews said...

Well that is definitely a start!!! I forgot to mention that I have been working on a quilt for a friend's baby. The baby is not due for a few weeks, and she's having a girl, so the choices for fabrics were pretty easy.

I've also been working on demonstration items for sewing classes I conduct. My plans include making scaled down samples of the construction process for the garment. It's been fun copying or scanning the pattern line art from the instruction sheets and enlarging to a reasonable size for demonstration purposes. The process is turning out pretty well, and will be very functional for the classes.

JC said...

Hi there. I really love your blog. Thanks for tagging to mine--otherwise, I wouldn't have ever known about you. :-) I am on the mend from an accident. Hope to continue some PJ's that I got some help on at the last Sewing Lounge meeting (I have pics of those meetings on my blog). Thanks again.

LadyWhoSews said...

Thank you for the visit, comment, and becoming a follwer, I really appreciate it all.

I've had a few health problems myself, so I know just what you mean, and just normal life keeps me from sewing as much as I'd like to. Although I did do a little more fabric fondling this weekend, LOL. No purchases though...I was very, very good. A local fabric shop had a 50% off sale and I didn't even go close to their location. There are moving to another location with in the same mall, so I suppose I can wait until they get settle in before I take my charge card and see what I can find that I can't live without, LOL.