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Monday, November 9, 2009

Not much going on here.

I did make a blouse (knit top really), a few months ago, but don't recall posting pictures. Nope, I didn't even look back at the posts, LOL.

I also started a dress for my granddaughter and have it all sewn together but am having issues with the neckline and hem. When I was sewing the top I mention above I had the green print fabric out and she said, "Hmmm, I'd like ot have a dress out of this". Not hinting, just admiring the fabric. We do seem to have very similar tastes in fabric designs and prints.

Ok...back to the subject at hand - the dress for her: First of all it's a poly-jersey - a funky geometric print. The colors are lime green, kelly green, and black on a white background. So...if I self face it, the colors will show through the white, if I use white jersey for a "collar", it will get dirty and show that ring around the collor. If I use black jersey it will just look too morbid for me. Afterall she's 10 years old. Decisions...decisions.

Anyone else have problems making decisions like this? I did look for green to match (either shade that would match), but noooo...no such color green in poly jersey. I of course I found cotton jersey, but anything other than white will fade. I don't like one part of a garment faded and the other part(s) retaining their color. So that's my story and I'm stickign to it.

I did also cut out a top for me the same pattern as the top I finished months ago, but in this green, black, and white fabric I mention above. Maybe this week or weekend I can have them both finished ready to present to the world, LOL.

Hopefully soon, I will take a few pics so that you can see...visuals are imparative, won't you agree?

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